Denim Road-Test:The Tight Stuff

Aleksandra Woroniecka Narrows In On Her Favorite Jeans

“Everyone’s doing them, but not nicely,” opines Aleksandra Woroniecka on the state of skinny jeans. She ought to know: The Polish-born, French-bred, New York-based fashion stylist (and former editor of now-defunct avant-garde style bible Rebel) has worn slim jeans pretty much every day of her adult life. And before that, she wore only leggings. “I like how they’re neat, but at the same time rock ‘n’ roll,” she explains of her drainpipe preference.

However, all thin jeans aren’t created equal: “It’s hard to find styles that are very tight – tight on the hips and tight at the bottom. Most of them just go down straight and look wide at the bottom,” bemoans the statuesque beauty. “And I don’t like ones that have a low waist. It’s the worst when G-strings hang out.”

So, what styles pass her test? Here, Woroniecka discloses her favorite drainpipe jeans:

Trash & Vaudeville: “They’re the only ones who do the slim cut well! I have a dark grey, washed-out black pair from their own label. They’re so tight and rock ‘n’ roll – very Ramones.”

What She Wears Them With: shrunken jacket from Chanel or Balenciaga, with a hoodie underneath.

Earl: “They’re the best ones I own, but I bought them 5 years ago, and unfortunately, they don’t do this slim of a style anymore! They’re really tight and black.”

What She Wears Them With: Occasionally, Marc by Marc Jacobs blue round-toe, low heels with studs.

Balenciaga: “They’re not from the runway – they’re a style that’s fortunately always in-store. They’re a medium blue, and very tight and short. They go just above my ankles, which is sort of retro.” What She Wears Them With: A T-shirt and red velvet Repetto ballet slippers.